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Pettis Mixed Martial Arts

Franklin is proud to offer students in SE Wisconsin top quality, world-class instruction in Traditional Martial Arts for men, women and children as young as 7.

At our clean, modern, new facility located inside Bridgewater Performance, we offer comprehensive MMA and skill specific programs for complete beginners seeking fitness and self-defense solutions to experienced martial artists looking for the thrill of competition.

The coaching staff at Pettis Martial Arts is led by former UFC Lightweight World Champion and future Hall-of-Famer Anthony "Showtime" Pettis and our team of professional, experienced instructors who are committed to helping you and/or your child achieve, exceed and smash your goals!

Pettis Martial Arts isn't a "tough guy" gym, and no student is ever forced to fight or spar. You'll train alongside like-minded and supportive fellow students in an exciting, vibrant and uplifting environment where no one has to worry about egos and intimidation. Get in shape physically and mentally at Pettis MMA!

Call us today at (414) 763-6562 or visit Pettis Martial Arts - Oak Creek to get started on your Martial Arts journey... or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more.

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Pettis MMA & Showtime Fit - New Berlin

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"Not only is my son getting good physical conditioning, but only 4 months in he is slowly but surely growing into himself and becoming more skilled and confident. He enjoys the training and especially the heart and humor with which he is being taught as well as the amazing skill and discipline of Mr. Pettis and company."

Linda Stieber

"I've been training here for 2 months and it has exceeded my expectations. Joining Pettis Martial Arts has been one of my best decisions. I've never had a new year's resolution be so easy. All of the coaches, Erik and Sergio (to name a few) are world class and their passion for martial arts is extremely obvious in their training. I was really impressed by how much attention they give to their students and how patient they are. It's refreshing to see people so dedicated to advancing their profession."


"It's a great place full of great people great coaches I can't say enough good stuff about this place when I had an injury they helped me work around it instead of trying to just grit it out and injure myself further. The technical advice was great and the open-mindedness was excellent as well. I can't wait to come back! And last but not least I want to say thank you to all the coaches and staff and students there thank you for being such a positive help in my life!"

Jarod Kirby

"They are all exceptional with the kids. The kids are taught discipline, respect, self esteem and accountability. That is worth it's weight in gold. I am so glad my granddaughter is a part of the Pettis team."

Marilyn Marriott

"Awesome program for kids. We started our 2 year old girl and 3 year boy last year. Intructors are incredible with kids. Far exceeded my expectations, highly recommended."

Mike Esser

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