Pettis MMA Kickboxing Classes

Learn To Strike With Every Inch Of Your Body While Training Your Way Into Great Shape In Our Kickboxing Classes

Are you looking for a great way to combine total-body training with real-world self-defense skills? Want to train your way into better shape and improved health? Pettis MMA Franklin has the solutions you’re looking for.

The Pettis Mixed Martial Arts Kickboxing program features high-energy instruction in MMA based striking and self-defense while helping people of all fitness levels enjoy total-body results in the process.

Pettis MMA Kickboxing classes are perfect for adults and teens ages 14+ of all levels and ability. Let us help you exceed and smash your goals at Pettis MMA. Visit us for a FREE trial Kickboxing class, call us at (414) 763-6562, or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

Franklin Kickboxing Classes

What's Included In Our Kickboxing Classes?

The goal of Pettis MMA’s Kickboxing program is to combine sport-style striking with total-body fitness training and effective self-defense skills. We start with the very basics of stance, movement and body control before moving on to the fundamentals of how to properly strike without injuring yourself. 

Our Kickboxing classes are led by professional, experienced instructors who help you get the most out of every movement while staying motivated to train week after week. 

We're helping people all across SE Wisconsin and Franklin learn:

  • Powerful stand-up striking skills
  • Effective kicks, knees and elbows from any position
  • Lightning-quick footwork and timing
  • Improved situational awareness and real-world self-defense skills

Enjoy Total-Body Success And Improved Health

Challenge your body, reduce stress and gain more confidence than ever before

At Pettis Mixed Martial Arts we're ready to make it happen!

Our Kickboxing classes are held in a high-energy, motivating environment where you'll be challenged to work every muscle in your body without fighting the urge to give up. We're here to help you conquer every single challenge, exceed your goals and help you find a sustainable path to long-lasting results, improved health and wellness.

Join us at Pettis MMA today for:

  • Well-rounded strength and improved athleticism 
  • Ongoing motivation and accountability
  • Tailored training strategies to meet your skill set
  • Healthy, sustainable training to help you enjoy lifelong success
  • Reduced stress and increased tranquility

Don't Miss Out On The Best Kickboxing Classes In Franklin and SE Wisconsin

Whether your goal is to get in great shape or learn effective self-defense skills, we have you covered here at Pettis MMA. Our Kickboxing classes are great for adults and kids ages 14+ from all backgrounds and experience levels. We can't wait to help you to get started on your Martial Arts journey.

Visit us today inside Bridgewater Performance for a FREE trial Kickboxing class, call us at (414) 763-6562, or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

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